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NewTV offers a diverse range of classes and workshops that equip our members with the latest media production techniques and skills.

Spring 2024 Classes

Our courses provide members with an immersive, hands-on experience with our top-notch production facilities and equipment. In addition to classes held at our media center, NewTV also provides online tutorials so that you can learn from home on your own time.

All classes are held in person at NewTV, unless stated otherwise. You must have an active NewTV membership to attend classes.

To register for a class, click the REGISTER button which will take you to our ISAAC Member Portal login page. For more information for logging into ISAAC and using ISAAC to sign up for classes, visit our ISAAC Member Portal info page.

Members must register for a class at least 48 hours in advance. 

NewTV Member Orientation

Instructor: Kathleen Golden

One-hour welcoming session to NewTV that provides an introduction to the facilities, equipment, and opportunities available to members at our community media center. Required for all new members and prerequisite for all NewTV studio classes.

Spring 2024 sessions have ended. Check back for future dates.

Studio Elements

Instructor: Kathleen Golden

Gain the foundation needed to confidently navigate our state-of-the-art studio and control room. This class covers the basics of lighting, cameras, and control room equipment to produce your own show or volunteer on a production at NewTV. Prerequisite for all NewTV studio classes.

Wednesday, June 12, 6:00 PM

Capture Your Voice with Podcasting

Instructor: Lena Chehaiber

Make your voice stand out in the crowded world of podcasting. Designed for aspiring podcasters, this class delves into the essential techniques and fundamentals needed to successfully launch and run your own engaging podcast show. Get introduced to NewTV’s podcast equipment and learn how it interfaces with Adobe Audition software.

Spring 2024 sessions have ended. Check back for future dates.

Adobe Premiere Pro Open Edit Lab

Instructor: Lena Chehaiber

Embark on your video creation journey with our new Adobe Premiere Pro open edit labs. These labs are designed for members currently working on video projects and looking to refine their video editing skills. You will have the opportunity to learn Adobe Premiere Pro techniques, receive individualized support from our experienced instructors, and collaborate with fellow members.

Spring 2024 sessions have ended. Check back for future dates.

Create and Manage a YouTube Channel

Instructor: Lena Chehaiber

Share your productions beyond NewTV and unlock the full potential of a global audience with YouTube. This course will guide you through the process of creating and managing a YouTube channel to build an online presence for your content which will allow you to engage with viewers and increase the reach and visibility of your productions.

Spring 2024 sessions have ended. Check back for future dates.

Basic Field Video Production with Canon XF605

Instructor: Eugene Foygelman

In this course, you will be introduced to the features and functionalities of NewTV’s latest camera acquisition, the Canon XF605 – a powerhouse in the realm of UHD 4K video recording. From mastering the camera's controls and settings to understanding the nuances of composition and storytelling, participants will gain the skills needed to produce high-quality videos in various field scenarios.

Spring 2024 sessions have ended. Check back for future dates.

Advanced Podcast Editing

Instructor: Lena Chehaiber

Further your knowledge of podcast editing and take your podcast production skills to the next level. This course provides practical training on advanced podcast editing techniques including multi-track editing, audio effects, music integration, and working with guest interviews. Participants will have the opportunity to put their new skills to the test by editing a mock podcast utilizing these advanced techniques.

Prerequisite: Capture Your Voice with Podcasting

Technical Directing: Behind the Scenes of a Seamless Production

Instructor: Aidan Vahey

Immerse yourself into the dynamic role of a technical director and master the skills needed to facilitate seamless productions. With our technical directing training course, you will become proficient in operating our studio and control room equipment to lead and troubleshoot all technical aspects of live and recorded in-studio productions. 

Spring 2024 sessions have ended. Check back for future dates.

Spring 2024 sessions have ended. Check back for future dates.

Vlogging from Home Office

Learn with us from home.

Unlock the secrets of mastering production equipment and cutting-edge techniques right from the comfort of your own home with our expert-led online tutorials.

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