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NewTV is Newton’s Emmy® Award-winning, state-of-the-art HD media center, specializing in television production, training, and content distribution. NewTV’s cable channels (Community, Education, and Government) broadcast locally relevant programming to the diverse Newton community and provide a platform for members to express their vision.


In the 30 years since NewTV's inception, the organization has experienced remarkable growth and expansion of its production services and equipment.  Before breaking ground in 1991 as NewTV at 90 Lincoln Street, Continental Cable held control over local access facilities and channels throughout the 80s.  Mayor Theodore Mann had been traveling to cities throughout the country and saw how communities started independent public access television stations, then sought to do the same in Newton.  By 1990, Mayor Mann had organized several people from the community to establish NewTV's first Board of Directors and charged them with finding a location and hiring a staff to train the community. 


"This is the breakout for opportunities in education, the breakout for cultural opportunities unprecedented in the United States because indeed we are a very unique community." - Former Newton Mayor Theodore D. Mann (1992)

On June 7, 1992, NewTV opened its doors to a new facility located on Lincoln Street in the basement of the Hyde Community Center and resided there for 15 years.  Starting with its first channel (formerly NewTV 13), NewTV quickly expanded to its current lineup of three individual channels: Community, Education and Government.  NewTV also produces Newton News, the long established, flagship program of the station since 1994.  With the expansion of the channels and increasing demand from the community, the basement of the Hyde Center could no longer accomodate NewTV's needs. After a year of canvassing by the Board of Directors and former Executive Director Paul Berg, in 2006 NewTV moved to a larger, more modern facility at 23 Needham Street. The new location was a huge improveent, including a number of upgrades such as extra edit suites, an open edit area, and a state-of-the-art studio. 

Robert S. Kelly became the Executive Director in 2008. He instituted a number of technological and organizational upgrades, including a complete rebrand. In 2013, NewTV completed a build-out to expand the facility to approximately 8,500 square feet. As part of the expansion, NewTV gained a 42-seat screening room, a professional training center including 10 iMac workstations outfitted with Adobe Creative Suite, a green room and additional edit space.

On October 3, 2013, NewTV launched an HD channel through a partnership with RCN. NewTV was the second public access station to be offered an HD channel in Massachusetts. In 2016, NewTV received two more HD channels from RCN, bringing the total to three. Viewers can now experience NewTV’s programming at its highest quality. Even though the equipment and faces have changed over the years, the mission of NewTV has remained the same; provide the community with access to professional equipment and training and the means to relay their message or idea.


Robert S. Kelly

Executive Director

Email Robert |  Ext. 117

Amanda Chisolm

Communications Coordinator

Email Amanda | Ext. 151

Eugene Foygelman

Production Manager

Email Eugene | Ext. 126

Steve Russo

Director of Operations

Email Steve | Ext. 122

Jenn Adams

Newton News Director

Email Jenn | Ext. 121

Lena Chehaiber

Production Assistant

Email Lena

Kathleen O'Neill

Office Manager

Email Kathleen O. | Ext. 114

Kathleen Golden

Member Services Coordinator

Email Kathleen G. | Ext. 181

Peter Taber-Simonian

Member Services

Email Peter



NewTV derives its main funding from cable television. As the industry undergoes transformation due to emerging streaming platforms moving away from traditional cable, our efforts to broaden revenue sources led to the establishment of two distinct brands serving the media industry.

Another Age Productions

An Emmy® award-winning Boston-based video production company and studio specializing in producing original programs, commercials, and corporate videos.


ISAAC is a cloud-based asset, member, and reservation management database designed to specifically meet the needs of television stations and production companies. ISAAC is the management software of choice for other media-centric businesses across the country.

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