Art Galleries

Art Galleries

At the NewTV Art Gallery, we offer a moment to reflect upon a photo, painting or collage. We encourage local, emerging and established artists to submit frameable work for one of our group or solo exhibits, followed by gallery receptions and online exposure. Work is for sale, with pricing established by the individual artists. The receptions are made possible with support from Wellesley Bank


  • Summer Selective 2017 (27 photos)

    Gorgeous quilts, paintings and sculptures are featured in this year’s Summer Selective, Newton Open Studio's annual summer juried show. Now in its 5th year, we always look forward to the Selective. It allows us to give an in-depth showcase to a small number of artists: the 5 artists each have up to 6 pieces in the exhibit.

    Our juror, Kathleen Smith Redman is an Art History lecturer at UMass Lowell, and a former director of exhibitions at New Art Center in Newton. Sponsored by Wellesley Bank.
  • Bouncing Off The Walls: NOS 2017 Spring Juried Show (21 photos)

    Juried by Casey Curry, Program Manager at Gallery 263.
    A show filled with works that exude energy and movement! 18 artists interpret the theme, showing quilts, sculpture, painting, encaustics, photography and prints.
  • FABric! 2017 (19 photos)

    Now an annual event, NewTV hosts the 4th annual FABric show! Every artwork in this delightful show is constructed of fabric and fiber, or has fiber as subject. Presented by Newton Open Studios, at NewTV.
  • NOS Juror Award Show Winter 2016 (16 photos)

    Ten artists selected by the jurors of the Newton Open Studios Fall Juried Art Fest will exhibit their work at NewTV from December 8, 2016 through January 30, 2017.
  • Pursuing Nature (47 photos)

    New Water Media Paintings by Harriet Fell, Jeanne Gugino, Carolyn Lee, Elizabeth Lowe, Kathryn Perrin, Conchita Prada Strange, James C. Varnum
    Paintings on display November 3 through November 30, 2016
    Artists' Statement: "Nature has many dimensions both physical and spiritual that provide seemingly infinite possibilities to explore the world. We use this concept as an umbrella and a guide. As artists we are not necessarily trying to paint direct portraits of nature, but how we exist in nature and how it impacts us. Maybe we are even searching for the essence of nature. We are each asking our own questions and answering them with paint."
  • Summer Selective 2016 (23 photos)

    Juried by Kathleen Smith Redman, NOS’s yearly Summer juried exhibit is back, showcasing excellent and varied work from a select group of Newton Open Studios artists. Thought-provoking and exciting Photography, painting and printmaking is on view. Join us for a reception on August 3rd. Artists include: Jean Aserkoff, Yama Barkaee, Cynthia Clark, Dan Dyer, Howard Fineman, Zeina Skaff Kahhale, Barbara Trachtenberg and James Varnum.
  • Howard Fineman Solo Show (30 photos)

    "Photography has been a passion for me since I was a teen, and now in retirement I am following my passion and continuing to refine my craft. My eclectic portfolio includes waterscapes and boats, art and architecture abstracts, landscapes and cityscapes ranging from grand vistas to intimate detail. I am attracted to imagery with fascinating shapes, patterns, structures, materials or textures, probably stemming from my love of and career in engineering and science. When these visual elements combine, as in reflections or architectural designs, they can simultaneously show stark and subtle beauty. While most of my work is in color, I render selected images in black and white to emphasize form, light and shadow. Coincidentally, this also takes me back to my beginnings in film photography over 50 years ago." - Howard Fineman
  • LOVE (13 photos)

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, this exhibit from Newton Open Studios artists centers around the theme of Love. Artists include Sandrine Colson-Inam, Jean Aserkoff, Suzette Barbier, Patty Simon, Marcus Parsons, Mindy Scharlin and Ellen Fisher.
  • NOS Juror Award Show January 2016 (12 photos)

    Newton Open Studios Presents a Juror Award Show with a reception on Wednesday, January 13. An exciting and varied show of 10 artists chosen by this year’s juror, Jessica Roscio, curator of the Danforth Art Museum. Works in this show include rope-like crochet jewelry, oversized woodcut prints, photography, watercolors, pastels, drawings, and sewn and embroidered fabric works.

    Artists: Nina Belluci, Anita Helen Cohen, Howard Fineman,
    Rebekah Lord Gardiner, Alla Lazebnik, Jacqueline Mosher,
    Linda Ruth Salter, Leann Shamash, Irwin Thompson, Emily Williams.
  • Summer Selective 2015 (19 photos)

    This is Newton Open Studios' 3rd annual juried summer show, with juror Kathleen Smith Redman of the New Art Center. Ms Smith Redman has put together a wide-ranging show that includes portraits, still lifes, photography, watercolors, and abstracts. Styles include cutting edge photography, gorgeously detailed realism and much more.

    Jean Aserkoff
    Dan Borden
    Debra Bretton Robinson
    Anne Palms Chalmers
    Howard Fineman
    Nicholas Read
    Leann Shamash
    Caron Tabb
  • FABric! 2015 (25 photos)

    Back by popular demand, the second annual FABric show: A Captivating Fine Art Showcase! Every Image Constructed of Fabric and Fiber, or with Fiber as Subject.
    Show runs from May 11 through July 15.

    Hanne Bernstein
    Ellen Fisher
    Bronwen Fullington
    Deborah Hiatt
    Dora Hsiung
    Zeina Kahhale
    Diana Kooy
    Shuk Lee
    Radhika Mathews
    Roberta Oakley
    Susan Tornheim
    Gillan Wang
    Sharon Whitham
    Emily Williams
    Lynn Witty
  • NOS: Caribbean Color (27 photos)

    Fourteen artists from Newton Open Studios have interpreted the theme broadly — abstracts, landscapes, still lives and street scenes — including both depictions of island life, and works that simply work off of a hot, Caribbean color-palette.
  • Hearts, Jewelry & More!: Randi Siu & Sandrine Colson Inam (46 photos)

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the NewTV Art Gallery will be showing the work of two local artists with a lot of heart. Randi Siu’s paintings were inspired by “anima,” which means soul in Italian. Her impressionist hearts are colorful and inspired by joy, passion, and positive energy. At the gallery reception, Randi will give a talk on the power of positive energy.

    Sandrine (aka Sanya) Colson-Inam’s jewelry will be on display the night of the gallery reception, and will continue to be for sale by the artist and featured on the website. Her travels around the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe, including her home in France, influence her work. She also has a scientific background, which inspires her to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques. Sanya sees her pieces as wearable art that takes unstructured natural elements and stylizes them.
  • Newton Open Studios Fall Juried Show 2014 (30 photos)

    Juror Nick Capasso, director of the Fitchburg Art Museum, has awarded top honors to 10 of the Newton Open Studios Juried ART FEST artists, who are showcased in this group show. The gallery reception will be Dec. 4, from 6:30pm-8:30pm. The exhibit runs thru Jan 30.

    Artists: Georgette Benisty, Aisling Collear, Samuel Dionne, James Ellis, Daniel Embree, Cristina Hajosy, Ala Lazebnik, Louise Loewenstein, Maria Mizrahi, and Ann Salk Rosenberg.
  • Kevin Haynes Solo Exhibit: Deep in the Sea (12 photos)

    Kevin Haynes is returning to the NewTV Art Gallery for a second time. His paintings follow the Deep in the Sea theme and include abstract and figurative art. Kevin's work is inspired by nature, his world travels, and life experiences. This exhibit runs from November 5 - December 1. For more information on Kevin's work, please visit
  • In Pursuit of the Elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire (22 photos)

    A group of seven local artists, led by New Art Center instructor Jeanne Gugino, interpret the four elements of the world (earth, water, air and fire) in this season’s showcase. They were inspired by these elements, which have driven the cultures of the world from Ancient Greece and Egypt, to India, Tibet and China, to western astrology, into the present day.

    The artists used this concept as a guide, but they were able to express their interpretation of the elements through their paintings. Watercolors provided a medium that allowed for depth, dimension and transparency. Through the creative process, they learned from each other and had the opportunity to express how people exist in nature. See how the “Group of Seven” went through a journey in the search for the essence of nature in “Pursuit of the Elements: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.”

    Group of Seven Artists:
    Jeanne Gugino
    Carolyn Lee
    Elizabeth “Libby” Lowe
    Kathryn Perrin
    Maria “Conchita” Prada Strange
    Barbara E. Rosenbloom
    James C. Varnum
  • NOS Summer Selective 2014 (28 photos)

    Our second annual summer juried showcase of six NOS artists, organized by Newton Open Studios. The artists and the works have been selected by juror Kathleen Smith Redman, Exhibitions Director at the New Art Center. See a broad and exciting range of work: city-scape photography, Chinese brush compositions, mono prints, oil portraits, photo-based flower images and abstract work.

  • Freedom (21 photos)

    An exhibit at NewTV Gallery 23 Needham St, Newton MA, through November 17th.
    Presented by Newton Open Studios (

    "What makes a painting beautiful is not what is planned, but what is allowed to happen." – Tappy Kimpel

    During this election season, 7 NOS artists explore the many-sided subject of freedom. The artists tackle concepts ranging from the simple free-fall of a leaf in autumn or the unfettered rush of river-water, to the complexity of a freedom to acquire knowledge. Images range from abstract work exemplifying a pure stylistic freedom, to renderings of freedom as love of country, as yearning for peace, and as celebrations of diversity. Our thanks to NewTV for allowing this show (and so many others) to happen!
  • FABric! (23 photos)

    Summer is in the air, and bold, colorful artwork lines the halls of NewTV. Stop by and enjoy our latest gallery exhibit: FABric. Artists from Newton Open Studios have crafted their pieces out of an array of materials including fabrics, thread, dyes, old shirts, and more traditionally -- photography, oils, watercolor and mixed media. Meet the artists at the gallery reception on June 18, 6:30-8:30pm.
  • The Small Stage: Still Life, Part II (28 photos)

    Presented by Newton Open Studios (, curated by Ellen Fisher.

    Eight more Newton Open Studios artists explore the still life format. As with the first installment, we hope this varied and delightful sampling leaves you with an expanded sense of the boundaries of the genre. These still lifes often peer into unusual places, occasionally verge on abstraction, and tackle both conventional and unexpected subjects. 
  • Newton Open Studios: 2014 Winter Juried Show (18 photos)

    Primary Colors, was juried by Kathleen Smith Redman, exhibitions director of the New Art Center. Twenty-plus striking works by nine Newton Open Studios artists line the walls. The 2014 Winter Juried Show will be on display at the NewTV Gallery, from February 11 to April 3.
  • The Small Stage: Still Life (8 photos)

    Presented by Newton Open Studios (, curated by Ellen Fisher.

    Five artists explore the still life format, presenting a varied and delightful sampling that challenges preconceived notions of the genre. Kemler’s fruits float and pirouette in space, crowding edge to edge across the image. Doolin’s arrangements will keep you off-balance, with the viewpoint of a Lilliputian looking in along the plane of the table, objects rising like buildings into the distance. Dioguardi’s lush, satisfying use of color and reflection defy the often tiny confines of the images. Dziuk’s photographs explore shadows and layers, unexplained pairings and unanswered questions. Fisher’s images treat discarded objects with tenderness and humor.
  • Newton Open Studios: Juror Award Exhibit (4 photos)

    Flatfile Boston principals Mika Hornyak, Sara Dassel and George Sopel, have awarded top honors to 10 of the Newton Juried Art Fest artists who are showcased in this group show.

    Gallery Reception: Thursday, December 5, 7-9pm. Exhibit runs through Jan 5, 2014.
  • Coleman Rogers (20 photos)

    Artist's statement:

    "When I was a teenager, my dad gave me a camera--a 1950 Zeiss Ikoflex Twin Lens Reflex. I spent many hours in the darkroom, developing and printing images. I did not think of myself as an artist at that time; I enjoyed the process of measuring the light and developing and printing images. Over the last few years, I have worked my way back to film photography; I feel a visceral connection with the medium. I like to compose my artwork in the camera, seeing the final image at the moment of capture. My work in Black and White film allows me to focus on composition, texture, emotion, light and shadow without the distraction of color. It is at once raw and polished, visceral and cerebral. I choose Color film carefully; different types of film bring out different values in the final image and I use color to enhance the image beyond the composition."
  • Light and Shadow (51 photos)

    NOS presents a show of photography, pastels and paintings, on the theme of light and shadow. The theme elicits evocative and dramatic compositions. Landscape, city scape, still life, studies of the body in motion, as well as computationally derived surreal scapes are all included. Participating artists: Carole Slattery, Howard Fineman, Melinda Gordon, Bev Droz, Ashley Davidoff, tSofi Inbar, Ludmilla Geiler, John Chilton, Mark Stock, Larry Grob and David Hawkins.

    Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
    Friday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Sunday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Juror Award Preview Exhibit (7 photos)

    from Newton Open Studios

    Newton Open Studios produces community arts events that bring together the artists and residents of Newton. It is a non-profit, funded by artists registration fees and donations from generous individuals and businesses, and in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council as administered by the Newton Cultural Council. Newton Open Studios is an affiliate of Newton Community Pride. Special thanks to Ellen Fisher!
  • NOS Summer Selective (54 photos)

    NOS presents Summer Selective - a juried showcase of six talented local artists, organized by Newton Open Studios. The artists and the works have been selected by juror Kathleen Smith, Exhibitions Director at New Art Center. Featured artists: Dan Borden, James Cain, Sarah Kahn, Daniel Kanaan, Leann Shamash, and Barbara Trachtenberg.

    For more information on the artists and examples of their work, please visit
  • Pieces of Things (35 photos)

    by Amy Oppenheimer, curated by Melinda Gordon

    Artist's Statement:
    I have had a camera around since I was 10, starting with a black square Brownie and eventually getting to a “real” camera 20 years later when I bought my first SLR. I took a few courses and did some darkroom work and hid behind the camera at family gatherings for 20 more years until the first of the horrid birthdays approached. At that point, I decided it was time to find out if I had any creativity in me. Music would have been the logical outlet, but I can not carry a tune and there are few instruments that can be played with one and a half hands. That left photography and I’ve never regretted it.

    I found, much to my astonishment, that I had been given the gift of seeing things in ways that others did not. The flip side of that is that as non-verbal sort of person, there is no “thought” that goes into what I am doing. I do not shoot with a goal in mind or a message for the viewer or a previsualized idea of what I hope to end up with. That way be madness (and brain freeze). Once I am looking through the viewfinder, I work by recognition. “This will work, this probably won’t.” I take all the shots anyway and sometimes there is that lovely “aha” moment when I see an image on the computer screen (or on the light box, in the days of slides) that literally sings. I view those images, with delight, as a gift from the universe which have somehow funneled into this world through me.

    Now the challenge has become seeing in ways that do not come naturally to me. The title of this exhibit pretty much sums up my native shooting habits. I’ve never met a detail I didn’t like or a wide angle view that I knew what to do with. That is slowly changing as I force myself to remove the long lens and use something with a wider field of view. There are a few of those shots here. So, the learning continues, for as long as I can haul my gear around.

    Amy Oppenheimer
  • John Murray: Paintings and Deviations (14 photos)

    An exhibition of over 25 paintings by the artist and New Art Center faculty member John Murray. Born in Boston and a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, John has explored his bleak and sensual aesthetic through paints and mediums of all descriptions, as well as printmaking and assemblages.

    For more information on the artist and examples of his work, visit
  • Four Seasons of Panoramas (8 photos)

    by Fran Gardino

    A photo exhibit of 20 digital images printed on canvas. Curated by Melinda Gordon.

    Artist’s Statement:
    Some call me a painterly photographer, partly due to the influence of my BFA in Painting from Mass Art. If this is true then I am also, at least partly, a “en plein aire” photographer searching for open and natural light.

    As a child, my father would take me for short drives to the beach in Revere and Mystic Lakes where we would draw trees and ocean waves crashing to the shore. Today, I shoot photos to capture photographic moments of impact in many of the same and similar places. My panoramas printed on large canvasses place the viewer in these printed scenes with multiple focal points, which in turn result in multiple momentous impacts. Although I shoot many non-panaramas as well, oftentimes while photographing landscapes, I am no longer satisfied with the single shot. “The gasp comes from the girth,” as it were.

    All of my panoramas are multiple-shot sequences which are stitched together using Photoshop Merge.
    The images reflect the process of me panning and tilting my camera to capture the scene, much like a cinematographer would capture a movie scene. They are then printed with pigment inks on archival inkjet photo canvas.
  • The Portrait Show (19 photos)

    An exhibit at NewTV Gallery
    Presented by Newton Open Studios (
  • Kevin Haynes Solo Exhibition (38 photos)

    The NewTV Gallery is is please to be hosting the first solo exhibition of works by visual and multimedia artist Kevin Haynes. Kevin's abstract paintings displays a colorful, whimsical, and bold perspective that's inspired by nature, his world travels, and life experiences. His videos combine physical performances and digital works of art that reflect his sense of humor, as well as his personal and emotional connection with the creative process. The exhibit runs until February 28. For more information on Kevin's work, please visit
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