Get your Non-Profit or Community Organization involved today with NewTV!

Non-profit organizations are an essential part of Newton’s community.  With NewTV being a non-profit organization as well, we understand how tough it can be working with a limited budget and resources, and thus must partner with a variety of different organizations across the city.

By becoming involved with NewTV, your non-profit will get one PSA produced per membership year highlighting the services and people behind your organization.  Your organization will also be allowed to send up to seven people per year to attend our free classes in studio or field production, along with our digital editing courses as well.

And if you ever need a place to meet, NewTV offers a multimedia Conference Room to support your presentations in a variety of formats.

So get involved today!  Many of our non-profit organizations go on to produce monthly to quarterly shows or features that highlight issues or concerns that are near to them, and NewTV can help facilitate getting your message out to your audience.

Can’t wait to see you at NewTV!  Click here to sign up today or email Cheryl Uttaro for more information!