NewTV Classes


If you already know how to use specific pieces of equipment, contact Member Services Coordinator Michael Sills at 617.965.7200 x112 to see if you are eligible to bypass a particular course.


Lighting Techniques April 22 • 7pm [Read More]
Studio Control Room April 23 • 7pm [Read More]
Studio Switcher April 28 • 7pm [Read More]
Tools & Techniques of Sound April 29 • 7pm [Read More]
Studio Graphics April 30 • 7pm [Read More]
NewTV Orientation May 5 • 7pm [Read More]
Studio Director May 8 • 7pm [Read More]
Advanced Adobe Premiere May 10 • 12pm [Read More]
Studio Prep May 12 • 7pm [Read More]
HD Camera Workshop May 13 • 7pm [Read More]
Camera Support May 14 • 7pm [Read More]
Basic Adobe Premiere May 15, 22 and May 29 • 6pm [Read More]
Studio Control Room May 19 • 7pm [Read More]
Lighting Techniques May 20 • 7pm [Read More]
Pre-Production May 21 • 6pm [Read More]
Tools & Techniques of Sound May 27 • 7pm [Read More]
Studio Switcher May 28 • 7pm [Read More]
Private Sessions By Appointment Only [Read More]

Class Registration

All regular NewTV classes are free to members, however an additional fee may apply to specialty workshops. Membership will cover all handouts you'll receive from NewTV while attending any of our classes."

Class Cancellation

Class space is limited so please sign up early.  If you are unable to attend a reserved class, please call in advance and inform that appropriate instructor.