In order to take advantage of these classes, you must be a member or a friend of NewTV. To explore membership options, click here. 


Each quarter, NewTV offers a variety of exciting classes. Once you are a member, you must attend one of the orientation sessions that are held every month. For each class, registration is required and is open until 2 hours before the class begins. If the minimum enrollment is not reached, the class will be cancelled. You will always have the option to take classes in studio production, field production and post-production. Each quarter we also offer special media-related courses in other topics.  


Where You Start

NewTV Orientation

Learn about all the wonderful opportunities offered at our state-of-the-art media center. This class is a prerequisite for all NewTV course offerings. If you cannot attend the scheduled session, but would like to take a course, please contact Katie Geiger at
Orientation is the first Monday of each month at 7pm.
Due to the New Years Day holiday, January's orientation will be held on Tuesday, January 3 at 7pm.



Studio Production

Studio Elements

Learn how to set up all the necessary elements for in-studio productions: lights, cameras and audio, as well as all the necessary elements of the Control Room. Minimum enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Orientation
Monday, December 12 • 7pm
Monday, January 9 • 7pm
Monday, February 13 • 7pm

Studio Switcher

Get behind the controls of the Broadcast Pix switcher and learn how to technical direct like a pro. Minimum enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Studio Elements  
Tuesday, December 13 • 6:30pm
Tuesday, February 14 • 6:30pm

Studio Director 

Get behind the switcher and learn the techniques of properly directing a studio shoot from start to finish. Minimum enrollment: 2; Prerequisite: Studio Switcher
Tuesday, December 13 • 7:30pm
Tuesday, February 14 • 7:30pm

Studio Graphics

Learn the Broadcast Pix graphics system and learn how to make some amazing graphics for your studio shoots. Minimum enrollment: 2; Prerequisite: Studio Switcher
Monday, December 19 • 6:30pm
Tuesday, February 21 • 6:30pm 

Studio Sound

Learn about the audio mixer and how to control different audio feeds during a production. Minimum enrollment: 2; Prerequisite: Studio Switcher 
Monday, December 19 • 7:30pm
Tuesday, February 21 • 7:30pm 

Mock Studio Production 

Students have the opportunity to take turns in every production role and work with their peers to create a mock studio production. Beginner through advanced knowledge encouraged! Minimum enrollment: 6; Prerequisite: Studio Switcher 
Tuesday, December 20 • 6:30pm 

Studio Lighting Seminar

Instructor: Jonathan Lipsy
Learn about the studio lights and how to control the light board. Prerequisite: Studio Switcher; Minimum enrollment: 4
Fee: $75
Monday, February 27 • 6:30pm

Studio Switcher Private Sessions

By appointment only. If you can't make a class, contact Katie Geiger or a NewTV staff member for a one-hour private session. 



Field Production

HD Camera Workshop

This hands-on workshop introduces you to the Sony NXCAM, a tapeless HD camera. Learn the basic operations of this camera and become certified to use it on your next production. Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Orientation
Monday, January 9 • 7pm

Introduction to the Canon 5D Mark III

This course goes over the Canon 5D Mark III's features and teachers you how to shoot video with a DSLR. Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Orientation
Tuesday, February 7 • 7pm

Introduction to the Canon EOS C100 Mark II

Explore the operations of Canon's C100 Mark II. Perfect for videographers with a wide range of projects, this workshop will guide you through the setup of the camera. Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Orientation
No Longer Offered This Quarter

Lighting Techniques

Learn about various techniques and equipment to effectively light your productions. Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: HD Camera
Tuesday, January 26 • 7pm 

Tools & Techniques of Sound

Includes an in-depth look at the portable sound equipment at NewTV and how to use it properly to make your projects sound clear and crisp. Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: HD Camera
Monday, January 23 • 7pm

Multi-Camera Field Production

Learn to use NewTV's Data Video portable video switcher to record your multi-camera field productions live. Minimum Enrollment: 4; Prerequisite: HD Camera
Monday, January 30 • 6:30pm 

NEW! Shooting Techniques

So you know how to use your video camera, but what types of shots should you get? How do you make your shots more interesting and meaningful? Through this course, students will learn what makes a shot look "good" versus "bad", when to use particular shotsin a vide, and how to provoke emotion through a shot. Prerequisite: HD Camrea; Minimum enrollment: 3
Tuesday, January 10, 17 & 24



Post Production

Basic Adobe Premiere (Three Classes)

Learn the basics of Premiere on the Mac. Includes how to insert and overwrite edits, use of transitions and effects, audio mixing, graphics and much more. Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Orientation 
Thursday, January 5, 12 & 19 • 6:30pm

Basic Final Cut Pro X (Three Classes)

Learn the basics of Apple's newest editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Includes how to insert and overwrite edits, use transitions and effects, mix audio, create graphics and much more. Minimum enrollment: 4; Prerequisite: Orientation 
Thursday, December 8, 15 & 22 • 6:30pm
Thursday, February 9, 16 & 23 • 6:30pm

Post Production Private Sessions

If you can't make a class, contact Katie Geiger or a NewTV staff member for a one-hour private session. 
By Appointment Only



Documentary Track

Documentary Storytelling: The Building Blocks (Two Classes)

Instructor: Margo Guernsey
This intro documentary class will cover how to document reality to tell a story. We'll discuss scene selection, shot lists, capturign emotion, directing non-actors, how not to disrupt, release forms and more. We'll focus on creating short videos that serve a purpose on their own (2 to 5 minutes), but the skills are transferable to longer projects. Minimum Enrollment: 5; Prerequisite: Orientation; Fee: $60
Wednesday, December 7 & 14 • 6:30pm 



Other Workshops

NEW! The Fundamentals of 2-D Animation (Four Classes)

Instructor: Matthew Harnois
The definition of animation is "to give soul." In this applicable, user-friendly course, the techniques through which one can portray this life-giving art are explored. Find your personal style and create motion through the illusion that is animation. Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Orientation 
Fee: $60
Wednesday, February 1, 8, 15 & 22 • 7pm

NEW! Digital Photography Fundamentals (Two Classes)

Instructor: Kayla Creamer
Go beyond basic point and shoot photography and really master your camera. Learn about the fundamentals of digital photography, such as how shutter speed, aperture and ISO affect your image, how to properly compose your shot, how to handle shooting in different lighting situations, and more.  Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Orientation
Fee: $60
Wednesday, January 11 & 25 • 7:30pm 

NEW! Introduction to Adobe Photoshop (Three Classes)

Instructor: Mike Beal
Through this course, students will learn how to manipulate photos for video and how to use Photoshop layers with transperency in Final Cut. Students will also learn how to choose custom fonts and colors for logo creation. Minimum Enrollment: 3; Prerequisite: Orientation
Fee: $60
Saturday, February 11, 18 & 25 • noon 


Private Sessions

Can't make a class? Have a question about a problem you've encountered? Contact Director of Member Services Katie Geiger for a one-hour private session to learn about those new lights or solve that troublesome technical issue. 
By Appointment Only