Wedding Videographer: Yay or Nay

Wedding Videographer: Yay or Nay

by Katie Geiger, Director of Member Services - September 01, 2017 | Tags: ,

As soon-to-be-weds, my fiancé and I have had many decisions to make over the past year: What’s our budget? Where are we going to get married? Who should we invite to the wedding? Who would we like in our wedding party? Who will make the cake? What food will we serve? Will we have a DJ or a band? Who will be our photographer? Will we hire a wedding videographer?


Now, knowing my background and my current position at NewTV, most of you would have probably thought my answer to the last question was a resounding “YES!” However, we surprisingly aren’t going to hire a wedding videographer. My fiancé and I put a lot of thought into it and decided that it just wasn’t very important to us, despite both of us working in television. Here are our reasons for deciding to nix the video:




Price vs. Budget

With the two of us paying for the wedding on our own, we needed to keep to a strict budget and cut unnecessary costs. Granted, we’ve splurged on some things here and there, but with videography prices hovering close to the price of photography, we had to choose between the two and photography won. Also, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to remember exactly how embarrassing I sound as I cry my way through my wedding vows. Knowing me though, I’m sure I’m going to be calling someone the day before the wedding to make sure they set up my personal video camera!


Quality vs. Quantity

We know that our friends and family are going to want to take pictures and videos of the big day, and with cellphones so prominent in our lives, there’s no real way to restrict our guests from using them. So, if they’re going to take pictures and videos of our wedding for free anyway, why not just let them go for it? Sure the quality might not be great, but realistically even if we had a professional videographer record our wedding, we’ll look back at our footage years later and wonder how we ever watched videos at such a low resolution anyway.


Keepsake vs. Nuisance

We love the idea of printing pictures and hanging them around our home, as well as keeping a wedding album out for people to look through as they please. A photo on the wall can become a conversation piece, and a photo album is something a guest can pick up and look at. It’s tangible. You can spend more time looking at some pictures than others. It’s more personal and easier to access. However, a video is something that involves some set up. If I get a hankering to relive the day, I’d be more likely to pick up the photo album than boot up my computer or turn on the DVD player.



So now I’d like to hear from you. If you are married, did you have a wedding videographer? Do you still occasionally watch your wedding video? Or did you opt-out like us? Do any engaged couples reading this plan to hire a videographer? What are your reasons for hiring someone versus just relying on pictures to relive the day? I’d love to hear your thoughts!