• Meet our new interns!

    by Anastasia Bogomolov, Digital Marketing Specialist - January 08, 2014 | Tags: ,

    NewTV's pleased to announce two new additions to our internship program.

    Natalie Nonken, our new full-time Education Channel intern, is a sophomore at Northeastern University and is majoring in media and screen studies and communications. Natalie mostly grew up in Ohio and Connecticut and is interested in going into all aspects of film and TV. One day, she hopes to be writing and acting in films and television shows. She also loves theatre, music, dance, and pilates.

  • Decision 2013

    by Anastasia Bogomolov, Digital Marketing Specialist - November 04, 2013 | Tags:

    A huge thanks to everyone for tuning in to NewTV's live debate coverage and for participating in Q&A across social media and via email. As a reminder, the general election will be held tomorrow, on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 for the offices of Mayor, Board of Aldermen, and School Committee. Watch Setti Warren and Ted Hess-Mahan take part in NewTV's Mayoral Debate which took place this past Tuesday.

  • NewTV and RCN Roll Out HD Channel

    by Anastasia Bogomolov, Digital Marketing Specialist - October 03, 2013 | Tags:

    NewTV and RCN have launched a high definition (HD) channel in Newton, Mass., in support of MassAccess “Keep it Local” campaign that aims to reinforce the relevance and importance of community media throughout Massachusetts. The new HD channel #613 will carry NewTV’s public, educational and government community programming. Here's a clip from the exciting "flipping the switch" event.

  • NewTV's 2013 Internship Program Welcomes Irish Interns

    by Anastasia Bogomolov, Digital Marketing Specialist - August 01, 2013 | Tags:

    NewTV offers interns from various disciplines unique hands-on opportunities to better prepare them for the working world of TV production. For the second year in a row, we’ve broadened our internship program to include global collaboration with the Wider Horizons Tyrone Donegal Partnership in Ireland. This non-profit organization strives to improve local and cross-border development in Irish counties by removing social barriers and enforcing relationships.

  • The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum: A NewTV Member Produced Film

    by Anastasia Bogomolov, Digital Marketing Specialist - July 15, 2013 | Tags:

    Two of NewTV’s longtime members have recently completed their first short documentary about one of Boston’s most significant historic buildings – the Waterworks, Boston’s first public water system. Upon connecting, Ellie Goldberg and Laura Johnson embarked on the enriching, and at times incredibly challenging, journey of taking something inspirational and developing it into a cohesive story. The end product, which Ellie and Laura titled The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum: Big Buildings, Big Machines, Big Stories, depicts a motivationally genuine account of what’s possible with high-end TV production training, some necessary film and editing equipment, and unwavering hard work.

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