Robert Kelly

Executive Director           

Email | Extension x117



Steve Russo

Director of Operations

Email | Extension x122



Cheryl Uttaro

Office Manager

Email | Extension x114



Jenn Adams

News Director

Email | Extension x121



Shelly Kamanitz

Director of Marketing &

Creative Services

Email | Extension x125



Jessica Leff

Digital Marketing Specialist

Email | Extension x151



Kathleen Golden

Production Coordinator

Email | Extension x181


Stephen M. Kessinger

Director of Government

& Educational Media

Email | Extension x135


Eugene Foygelman

Production Coordinator

Email | Extension x126


Noreen Moross

Director of Production Services

Email | Extension x137


Andrew Eldridge

Co-Director of Original Programming

Email | Extension x133


Angela Harrer

Co-Director of Original Programming

Email | Extension x120



Richard Berman

Production Assistant

Email | Extension x182


Katie Duval

Director of Member Services

Email | Extension x112